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Black-and-white photograph of a black pencil atop a page of handwritten notes.
WRIT51800 Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring

Basic Creative Writing Basic Creative Writing

This course will introduce you to creative writing, from generating ideas to revising drafts. Find your voice and develop your craft through in-class and at-home writing exercises, and through...

Black and white photo of John Edgar Wideman
WRIT52412 Summer

Closeness and Point of View in Fiction and Nonfiction Closeness and Point of View in Fiction and Nonfiction

Whose story is it? Who tells the story and why? How does a writer decide how much to get inside a character's head? What are the advantages of different points of view? We will examine exemplary work...

Nineteenth-century design for an ornate red theater curtain.
WRIT23801 Summer

Developing a Play-in-Progress Developing a Play-in-Progress

This course is designed for writers who want to develop a script on which they have already begun to work. This may include anything from a full-length play to a one-act play to a series of short...

The fanned pages of an open book.
WRIT32406 Winter | Spring | Summer

Focus on Fiction Focus on Fiction

Advance your understanding of fiction writing through lecture, discussion, eclectic readings, in-class and at-home writing exercises, and discussions of your—and fellow students'—written work. With a...

William Carlos Williams Poem from the New York Library Walk
WRIT11800 Summer

Introduction to Poetry Introduction to Poetry

In this course, you will explore and experiment with some fundamental elements of poetry: form, imagery, and the musical qualities of language. Guided by the work of four modern poets--Williams Carlos...

Collage of three portraits; left: Frank O'Hara, center: Claudia Rankine, right: Gertrude Stein.

Photograph of Claudia Rankine © John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

WRIT12404 Summer

Introduction to Prose Poetry Introduction to Prose Poetry

The prose poem is a poem in disguise. Born from a conflict of impulses, it reads like prose (in sentences instead of lines, paragraphs instead of stanzas) but is essentially poetic in its intent and...

Drawing of a scene from Shakespeare Play
WRIT52117 Summer

Jumpstart Session: Making a Scene Jumpstart Session: Making a Scene

In this workshop, we'll learn how to craft scenes that contain all the elements that move your story forward. We'll discuss how richly drawn characters, strong sense of place, and effective dialogue...

Stone statue of Buddha.
WRIT82602 Spring

Meditation for Writers Meditation for Writers

Where does your writing come from? How can you access the deeper realms? In this course open to writers of all experience levels, we will experiment with different forms of meditation and...

Beginning of the Tale of Two Cities
WRIT32404 Summer

Novel Beginnings Novel Beginnings

In this class, we'll first look at some excellent opening chapters and discuss why they work. Then, through experimentation, instructor feedback, and revision, students will produce ten to fifteen...

Group of students working around a computer
WRIT32650 Summer | Winter

Online Novel Workshop Online Novel Workshop

Stay motivated while writing your novel! This online class will offer craft discussions, intensive study of a mentor text, instructor feedback on a synopsis and eighty pages of work, and opportunities...