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autobiographical fiction workshop
WRIT42409 Summer

Autobiographical Fiction Workshop Autobiographical Fiction Workshop

The focus of this course will be the creation, development, and discussion of autobiographical fiction. The hope is that students will walk away having further learned how to mine and forage their...

WRIT51810 Spring | Winter | Summer

Creative Writing One Creative Writing One

This course will introduce you to creative writing, from generating ideas to revising drafts. Find your voice and develop your craft through in-class and at-home writing exercises, as well as...

Nineteenth-century design for an ornate red theater curtain.
WRIT23801 Summer

Developing a Play-in-Progress Developing a Play-in-Progress

This course is designed for writers who want to develop a script on which they have already begun to work. This may include anything from a full-length play to a one-act play to a series of short...

writing in a notebook
WRIT42602 Summer

Writing the Braided Essay Writing the Braided Essay

In her Creative Nonfiction essay “The Braided Essay as Social Justice,” Nicole Walker argues: “The braided essay isn’t a new form. In fact, I think nearly every essay uses a kind of braiding…perhaps,”...

kids reading
WRIT62403 Summer

Writing the Young Adult Novel Writing the Young Adult Novel

The Young adult novel is one of the fastest-growing, exciting genres in publishing these days. With complex young characters, realistic dialogue, and gripping prose, readers of all agescan't get...