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Sepia photograph of torn paper reading "Roe v. Wade" atop the constitution.
BASC80024 Summer

Abortion and the Right to Privacy Abortion and the Right to Privacy

For almost 50 years since the momentous decision of the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (1973), a woman's right to choose an abortion for at least some period of her pregnancy has been the...

Black-and-white photograph of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.
BASC80019 Summer

Against Explanation: Wittgenstein on Frazer Against Explanation: Wittgenstein on Frazer

One of the few truly great thinkers of the last century, Wittgenstein’s genius is perhaps nowhere more fully on display than in the collection of strange, enigmatic, and provocative comments published...

First-edition dust jacket cover of Against Interpretation (1966) by Susan Sontag.
BASC80018 Summer

Against Interpretation: Susan Sontag and the Erotics of Art Against Interpretation: Susan Sontag and the Erotics of Art

"To interpret is to impoverish, to deplete the world—in order to set up a shadow world of ‘meanings," Sontag proclaims in her brilliant and inciting "Against Interpretation." "Away with all duplicates...

The Liberty Bell
BASC64111 Autumn

Alumni Sequence: The American Tradition Year I Alumni Sequence: The American Tradition Year I

We begin the sequence with a consideration of America’s colonial heritage and of the forces and ideas that shaped its emergence into nationhood. In the seminar, we will reflect on the country’s uneasy...

Boethius, Dante, and Hildegard
BASC63211 Autumn

Alumni Sequence: The Middle Ages Year II Alumni Sequence: The Middle Ages Year II

In the seminar we will read four texts designed to provide guidance to the perplexed. Benedict’s monastic rule lays out the practices and attitudes he considers necessary to governing religious...

A summer day in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington DC.
HUAS90911 Autumn

America's Contested History I America's Contested History I

In this three-quarter sequence, we will examine the history of America, from the colonial period to the present, as “contested ground” over the origins and meaning of liberty and equality. Using some...

Tolstory and Anna Karenina
BASC70018 Autumn

Anna Karenina Anna Karenina

An insightful study of Russian political, economic, social, and cultural history, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina (1875-1877) can also be seen as a precursor of the twentieth-century exploration of...

The painting "St. Augustine Reading the Epistle of St Paul" by Benozzo Gozzoli.
BASC80017 Summer

Augustine's De Magistro Augustine's De Magistro

Written in the style of a Platonic dialogue, Augustine records a conversation between himself and his son Adeodatus. They wrestle with how to synthesize the insights of Plato's Meno and the...

Black-and-white photograph of a black pencil atop a page of handwritten notes.
WRIT51800 Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring

Basic Creative Writing Basic Creative Writing

This course will introduce you to creative writing, from generating ideas to revising drafts. Find your voice and develop your craft through in-class and at-home writing exercises, as well as...

War of Athens
BASC40101 Autumn

Basic Program Year Four: Autumn Basic Program Year Four: Autumn

The Year 4 Seminar texts cover a wide range time periods and genres, including philosophy, biography, satire, and romance, which connect through the themes of love, character, and humor as they...