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View of Walden Pond through surrounding trees on a clear, summer day.
BASC64122 Winter

Alumni Sequence: The American Tradition Year I Alumni Sequence: The American Tradition Year I

In the winter quarter, we explore certain features of the young democracy's emergent consciousness—individualistic, fractious, idealistic and critical—as well as of the persistent struggle to define...

Edmund Leighton's 1882 oil painting, Abelard and his Pupil Heloise.
BASC63222 Winter

Alumni Sequence: The Middle Ages Year II Alumni Sequence: The Middle Ages Year II

The seminar takes us on a tour of some dramatically different conceptions of love. The scandalous affair between the 12th century scholastic Abelard and his brilliant student Heloise is memorialized...

A summer day in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington DC.
HUAS90911 Autumn | Winter

America's Contested History II America's Contested History II

In this three-quarter sequence, we will examine the history of America, from the colonial period to the present, as “contested ground” over the origins and meaning of liberty and equality. Using some...

A symphony orchestra on stage at the Hill Auditorium and Concert Hall at the University of Michigan.
HUAS78042 Winter

American Masters American Masters

American classical music has evolved its own heterogeneous identity, characterized by energy and optimism, from its Eurocentric beginnings, exemplified by composers such as MacDowell and Griffes...

On the left: a black-and-white portrait of Carl Jung. On the right: the cover of Jung's Two Essays on Analytical Psychology.
HUAS10011 Winter

An Introduction to Jung An Introduction to Jung

In this course we'll read two texts by Jung, slowly and carefully. We begin with his celebrated Two Essays on Analytical Psychology, which introduces his theory of dream interpretation against that of...

Black-and-white photograph of a black pencil atop a page of handwritten notes.
WRIT51800 Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring

Basic Creative Writing Basic Creative Writing

This course will introduce you to creative writing, from generating ideas to revising drafts. Find your voice and develop your craft through in-class and at-home writing exercises, as well as...

The Greek philosopher Aristotle depicted on the old Greek five drachma coin.
BASC40202 Winter

Basic Program Year Four: Winter Basic Program Year Four: Winter

In the Year 4 Winter Seminar we will read some of the foundational works of political and economic theory, starting with the ancient view represented by Aristotle, and then looking at the origins of a...

woman listening in classroom surrounded by other students blurred in the foreground
BASC10202 Winter

Basic Program Year One: Winter Basic Program Year One: Winter

Basic Program Year 1 continues with Winter Quarter. New students may join the program in Winter Quarter.

The Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults offers a rigorous, noncredit liberal arts...

Illuminated manuscript for Virgil's Eclogues, circa 1470.
BASC30202 Winter

Basic Program Year Three: Winter Basic Program Year Three: Winter

In Winter Quarter, the Year Three Seminar takes us from the ancient world to Medieval Europe with texts focusing on different kinds of journeys. The Year Three Tutorial focuses on two classic texts...

 Giuseppe Bottani's eighteenth-century painting, "Athena revealing Ithaca to Ulysses."
BASC20202 Winter

Basic Program Year Two: Winter Basic Program Year Two: Winter

The Year 2 Seminar follows three different journeys of self-discovery as the authors explore ideas of alienation, transformation, and homecoming. The Year 2 Winter tutorial will focus on a close...