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Your Interests Are What Make You Interesting

Go deeper into what you love. Whether you're looking to grow as an empathetic leader or take evening classes for pure enjoyment, the Graham School is a partner throughout your lifelong learning journey.

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Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched.

For over one hundred years, the Graham School has made a University of Chicago education accessible to people who see pursuing knowledge as essential to living well.

Learn How to Think, Not What to Think.

A liberal arts education cultivates skills for life.

Rather than learning how to find one right answer, our students examine ideas from multiple points of view. They read deeply, listen closely, think critically, and communicate effectively. In our evolving, interconnected world, they see the big picture, and where they fit in.

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Master of Liberal Arts

A foundational liberal education with a flexible schedule, led by tenured UChicago faculty

Can be completed within one year

The Basic Program

Part-time, discussion-based study of core works in the Western canon.

4-year certificate program

Open Enrollment

All Open Enrollment Courses

A diverse range of noncredit courses held over four to ten weeks in small, lively groups.

Writer's Studio

Noncredit writing classes and manuscript consultations for writers of all genres.

Fortnight in Oxford

Spend two weeks studying in an ancient center of scholarship.

The Residential Seminar

An intensive, eight-day residency on our storied Hyde Park campus.

Our Students

There's no such thing as the typical Graham student—and we like it that way. 

We welcome adults of all ages from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds. Their life experiences converge at our seminar tables, enriching conversations for the benefit of all. While some students may have bachelor's degrees, many of our courses require neither transcripts nor grades.

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Speak Your Mind in a Supportive Setting.

Our leading faculty and instructors guide small groups through a broad spectrum of scholarly thought. Students learn how first principles inform modern discourse, and how to apply them to their own lives. They engage in spirited debate, earning the confidence to express their opinions in the classroom and beyond.

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A Brief History of the Graham School: President Harper’s Vision

Graham’s history dates back to the founding of the University. Learn more.

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Lead with Humanity

Our graduates' experience at Graham enhances their organizations. They bring a new interdisciplinary approach back to the workplace. They are empathetic managers, thoughtful contributors, and value-based leaders. They solve complex business problems by joining the dots in ways others may overlook. 

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Whether you're interested in a specific program or course, or want to talk about where you fit in at Graham, we're here to answer your questions.

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