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a global history of time
KNOW11030 Summer

A Global History of Time A Global History of Time

Time has a history. Many people in many moments in world history have worked with, and lived inside of, very different conceptions of time, both everyday and cosmic. In this course, we will examine...

a republic if you can keep it
BASC70253 Summer

A Republic If You Can Keep It A Republic If You Can Keep It

Thus was Ben Franklin’s quip in response to a query from a curious citizen as to what the Constitutional Convention had come up with. The American Founders were very cognizant of the poor track record...

Count of Monte Cristo
BASC70250 Summer

Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo

Definitely a page-turner and one of the most popular of the blockbuster 19th century French novels, The Count of Monte Cristo is also a surprisingly complex and rich piece of literature. Exploring a...

BASC70258 Summer

An Introduction to Maimonides An Introduction to Maimonides

This course will provide an introduction to the medieval Jewish philosopher Rabbi Moses ben Maimun (Maimonides) and his major philosophical work, The Guide of the Perplexed. Through close reading of...

autobiographical fiction workshop
WRIT42409 Summer

Autobiographical Fiction Workshop Autobiographical Fiction Workshop

The focus of this course will be the creation, development, and discussion of autobiographical fiction. The hope is that students will walk away having further learned how to mine and forage their...

Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant's painting, "Antigone at the Bedside of Polynice"
BASC10101 Autumn

Basic Program Year One: Autumn Basic Program Year One: Autumn

Since 1946, the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults has engaged lifelong learners in reading, discussing, and building community around the foundational texts of literature, philosophy, and...

BASC70257 Summer

Bulgakov's Master and Margarita Bulgakov's Master and Margarita

Mikhail Bulgakov’s savage satire of modern bureaucracy alternates between scenes of Stalinist Russia and ancient Jerusalem. Bulgakov literally unleashes the powers of Hell by having the Devil and his...

Charlie Chaplin mural
HUAS77507 Summer

Chaplin: Film, Art and Society Chaplin: Film, Art and Society

This course follows six of Charlie Chaplin’s films in a progressive exploration of the filmmaker’s remarkable life and art. Our discussions of Shoulder Arms (1918), The Kid (1921), The Gold Rush (1925...

group of hands together
HUAS32005 Summer

Common Ground: Civic Unity in a Polarized Time Common Ground: Civic Unity in a Polarized Time

America is more divided than it has been in over a century. Yet while we are polarized politically and culturally, there may still be a shared core of values upon which most Americans agree. This...

WRIT51810 Spring | Winter | Summer

Creative Writing One Creative Writing One

This course will introduce you to creative writing, from generating ideas to revising drafts. Find your voice and develop your craft through in-class and at-home writing exercises, as well as...