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Mirror for Princes
BASC70205 Summer

A Mirror for Princes: Xenophon's Study of Leadership and Rule in the Cyropaedia A Mirror for Princes: Xenophon's Study of Leadership and Rule in the Cyropaedia

Xenophon of Athens was a soldier, philosopher, and friend of Socrates. He composed his own Apology of Socrates and led a military retreat of 10,000 Greek mercenaries across Persia. But he is most...

Antigone Deep Dive
BASC80028 Summer

Antigone Deep Dive Antigone Deep Dive

This class is meant as a second reading of Sophocles' Antigone (read in the first quarter of the Basic Program), for those already somewhat familiar with the play; it is designed to build on previous...

BASC80033 Summer

Aristotle and the American Indians Aristotle and the American Indians

During the conquest of the New World, the interpretation of Aristotle played a role in the debate the Spanish held about how to treat the natives. Both sides cited Aristotle's doctrine of "natural...

Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant's painting, "Antigone at the Bedside of Polynice"
BASC10101 Autumn

Basic Program Year One: Autumn Basic Program Year One: Autumn

Since 1946, the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults has engaged lifelong learners in reading, discussing, and building community around the foundational texts of literature, philosophy, and...

BASC70201 Summer

Chekhov: Essential Short Stories Chekhov: Essential Short Stories

Anton Chekhov's short stories, widely recognized as among the best ever written, are filled with his unique blend of understated humor, pathos, and humanity. In this course, we will work our way...

The fanned pages of an open book.
WRIT32406 Winter | Spring | Summer | Autumn

Creative Writing: Next Steps Creative Writing: Next Steps

This course will advance your understanding of creative writing through lecture, discussion, eclectic readings, in-class and at-home writing exercises, as well as discussions of your own and your...

Dante's Inferno
HUAS26003 Summer

Dante’s Inferno and the Theology of Hell Dante’s Inferno and the Theology of Hell

Dante’s Divine Comedy leads us on a cosmic tour, beginning with the universe’s dungeon, Hell. The Inferno presents bold and surprising insights into evil’s effects on humanity that resonate today...

Willa Cather book
BASC80032 Summer

Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather

Here is the quiet but arresting story of Father Jean Marie Latour, who in 1851 travels with his childhood friend and fellow priest Joseph Vaillant to take possession of the newly-created diocese of...

Nineteenth-century design for an ornate red theater curtain.
WRIT23801 Summer

Developing a Play-in-Progress Developing a Play-in-Progress

This course is designed for writers who want to develop a script on which they have already begun to work. This may include anything from a full-length play to a one-act play to a series of short...

GDOD11001 Autumn

Dimensions of Diversity Dimensions of Diversity

Humans often use categories to differentiate ourselves from one another. Race, ability, worldview, wealth, sexuality, and gender are among the categories that profoundly shape our identity. This...