Scientific Discovery: Cape Cod


The full schedule for this year's Scientific Discovery Program: Cape Cod will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can view the on-site schedule for the 2022 program below. 


Welcome reception

Keynote: Dave Remsen, "What's So Special about Woods Hole?"

CRISPR Day 1: Genetics

Lab work: Microinjection practice

Tour the MBL / WHOI Rare Book Collection

Welcome dinner with featured speaker

CRISPR Day 2: Inject Guide RNAs

Gene editing history and context

Lab work: Zebrafish mutations

Gemma boat trip for sample collection to Vineyard Sound

CRISPR Day 3: Genetics

Lab work: Documentation and imaging, DNA staining

Tour the Marine Resource Center with guest speaker

Dinner with Scientists and Human Nature screening


Coral Reefs and Climate Change

Digital explorations

Suggested afternoon activities

Microscopy Day 1

Lab work: Imaging and staining techniques

Create your own biological art

Keynote: Lisa Abbo, “Aquatic Invertebrates and Human Health”

Dinner at historic restaurant

Microscopy Day 2

Lab work: Documentation and classification

Tour the central microscopy facility

Keynote: Abhishek Kumar, “How AI is Applied to Imaging Analyses”