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MLAP 45970

India in Film: Imaginations of a Decolonial Nation

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09:30 am—12:30 pm
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Rochona Majumdar, PhD

Among all film producing countries in the world, India successfully resisted Hollywood's hegemony. Some Hollywood blockbusters made their way to theaters in big Indian cities; some were adapted into Indian languages. Mostly, however, audiences remained loyal to Indian fare. What was the India that was depicted on-screen? To what extent was India produced by these filmic imaginations? To be sure, there was no monolithic India represented in film.

Over the course of the quarter, we will focus on some important films to chart the idea of India they constructed and held up for critique. Most of our films will be selected from the immediate post-independence decades, i.e. the 1950s and 1960s, regarded as the classical period of Indian cinema. Our films will include popular as well as art films. Our goal will to be understand the relationship between films and emergent ideas of nationhood, modernity, and citizenship in a decolonial world.

  • Fulfills the Elective - Non-Western requirement

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Rochona Majumdar, PhD