Master of Liberal Arts




  • Illustration of the evolution of man from earlier primates
    MLAP 31210 Winter

    Human Origins: From Early Primate Beginnings to Evolutionary Medicine Human Origins: From Early Primate Beginnings to Evolutionary Medicine

    Human beings are members of the order Primates, a distinctive group of mammals that originated around 80 million years ago. Within the primate evolutionary tree, the branch leading to the human...

  • Brownstones on a London Street
    MLAP 35105 Winter

    Imagining the City Imagining the City

    The rise of the modern city makes possible new modes of experience, new kinds of people, and new kinds of stories. To appreciate these novelties, we will start by looking at sociologist Georg Simmel's...

  • Crowd of anonymous people walking on a busy city street.
    MLAP 30600 Winter

    Meaning and Motive in Social Thought Meaning and Motive in Social Thought

    This core course in the Social Sciences studies classic works of social thought that remain foundational in contemporary theory, law, and policy. Among the central questions to be explored are the...

  • Smoke from a factory chimney against a deep blue sky.
    MLAP 31206 Winter

    The Science of Pollution and Climate The Science of Pollution and Climate

    This class will explore the science behind contemporary issues such as global warming and forms of pollution such as urban aerosols, lead in drinking water, the global mercury cycle, endocrine...

  • One side of a paper book from the late Heian period in twelfth-century Japan.
    MLAP 34907 Winter

    World Wisdom Literature World Wisdom Literature

    How to live and how to lead are questions that every human community has sought to answer. The thinkers on ethics and leadership whose writings we explore in this course come from Europe, Asia, Africa...


  • The Milky Way
    MLAP 33200 Spring

    Models of the Universe Models of the Universe

    Many of the activities we honor and cherish in our culture—such as art, literature, music, philosophy, sports, and religion—struggle with the question, “What is our place in the universe?” Our...

  • A model of a bisected human brain
    MLAP 31215 Spring

    The Neurobiology of Everyday Life and its Dilemmas The Neurobiology of Everyday Life and its Dilemmas

    This course will focus on the nervous system, how the nervous system produces behavior, how we use our brain every day, and how neuroscience can explain the common problems afflicting people today. We...

  • A collection of short fiction writers from the 20th century
    MLAP 31850 Spring

    Twentieth Century American Fiction Twentieth Century American Fiction

    This course presents America's major writers of short fiction in the 20th century. We will begin with Willa Cather's "Paul's Case" in 1905 and proceed to the masters of High Modernism, Hemingway...

  • A projection of data as an art exhibit
    MLAP 36400 Spring

    Digital Ethics Digital Ethics

    The philosophy of technology is an exciting and broad field. This course serves as an in-depth introduction to the fields of applied ethics and technology studies.

    The course will pair classic...