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gulliver's travel's cover
BASC80034 Summer

Gulliver’s Travels Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels (1727) is Jonathan Swift’s wildly imaginative account of Lemuel Gulliver’s journey through fantastical lands. It is funny, moving and profound, a masterful satire that verges into...

illustration of ancient warriors
BASC70261 Autumn

History of Sparta History of Sparta

Classical Greece is at the center of the Basic Program, and at the center of Classical Greece are Athens and Plato, at least, as far as the readings that make it into great books curriculums are...

ancient sculpture
BASC80041 Summer

Indo-Iranians from Herodotus Indo-Iranians from Herodotus

Around 2000 BCE, Indo-Iranian speakers emerged in the central Eurasian steppes, invented the chariot, lived the lifestyle of warrior-aristocrats and called themselves Aryans. In time they spread south...

statue of hildegard
HUAS26008 Summer

Introducing the Art and Thought of Hildegard of Bingen Introducing the Art and Thought of Hildegard of Bingen

Called the Sybil of the Rhine for her prophetic visions, Hildegard of Bingen towers as great creative genius: a visionary, visual and musical artist, a practicing physician and naturalist, formidable...

Intro to Creative Nonfiction
WRIT41800 Autumn | Spring

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

This course is designed for individuals who want to explore creative nonfiction, two words that might seem like an odd pairing. However, the genre is rooted in a long tradition of telling stories...

Introduction to Playwriting
WRIT21800 Autumn

Introduction to Playwriting Introduction to Playwriting

This course is designed for beginning playwrights as well as writers of other media who want to explore the genre. The course will emphasize what makes a scene work, how to develop characters through...

intro to free expression
HUAS32008 Summer

Introduction to Practicing Free Expression Introduction to Practicing Free Expression

Discourse rests at the nexus of academic inquiry, freedom of expression, and democratic participation.. The rigorous testing and refining of ideas necessary for pursuing knowledge and advancing...

us constitution
BASC71001 Summer

Introduction to the Basic Program: How to Discuss Classic Texts Introduction to the Basic Program: How to Discuss Classic Texts

This course introduces students to the Basic Program practice of close reading and discussion. The text we will read closely and discuss is the U.S. Constitution. We will practice abandoning all our...

Closeup of two hands on the pages of an open book.
BASC70059 Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring

Introduction to the Basic Program: How to Read Classic Texts Introduction to the Basic Program: How to Read Classic Texts

This course is intended to address some of the more persistent and daunting difficulties we face when beginning to read classic texts of the Western cultural tradition.

We will begin from...

bridge in Dublin
BASC70122 Autumn | Winter

James Joyce’s Ulysses 1 James Joyce’s Ulysses 1

In Ulysses, James Joyce composed arguably the modernist novel par excellence. In the course of telling a story, Joyce explores not only the lives of his characters, but also story-telling itself. The...