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Michail Vlasopoulos

Michail Vlasopoulos holds a PhD from the University of Chicago and an Mdes from Harvard University. His interests revolve around Late Renaissance and Early Modern science, with an eye to the reciprocal development of the idea of mind and the idea of matter. He wrote a dissertation on the vanishing of matter from Early Modern discourse and the dawn of Subjective Idealism (1547-1713); while, his master's thesis on "Spinoza, Goethe, and the Philosophy of Form" was meant to capture the latent Spinozism behind Goethe's grand vision for an all-encompassing science of living form. He enjoys discussing a wide range of topics in the history of ideas—ancient, medieval and modern—especially as they bear witness to the constant struggle of our habits of thinking to make sense of the ever-elusive complexity of the natural world.