Trust, Polarization and The Media In The Post-Truth Era

A Conversation with Eric Schurenberg, founder of the Alliance for Trust in Media.

Media and trust
Feb 15

About the Event

In today’s polarized, contradictory and fragmented information environment, it can be hard to know what to believe. Public figures promote radically different narratives about events, each amplified by media that the public regards as less and less trustworthy. The truth is out there, but in today’s chaotic media ecosystem, where do you find it?

Join us for a conversation with Eric Schurenberg, the founder of the Alliance for Trust in Media and the former CEO of Inc. and Fast Company. We will explore how changes in technology and in media business models have changed how you receive your news and what individuals can do to seek out the truth.

The event is part of a series that previews a forthcoming (Summer 2024) course at the Graham School on Media, Trust, and the 2024 Elections.

Who's Speaking

Eric Schurenberg

Eric Schurenberg

Founder, Alliance for Trust in Media

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