Science Fiction Film: Visions of the Future

A Conversation with Graham School Instructor Eva Fernandez

Code from the 1999 movie The Matrix
Aug 30

About the Event

From Metropolis to Planet of the Apes to The Matrix and Children of Men, one major preoccupation of science fiction film has been imagining the future. Where are we headed?  Will our long history of short-sighted choices decimate the planet or will developments in technology bring about near-mastery of our circumstances?  How does thinking about what could happen inform our thinking about the present and about the nature of the human in general? 

Join us for a conversation with Graham School instructor Eva Fernandez about the alternate visions presented by science fiction films and what they say about our past, present, and potential future. The conversation will preview Dr. Fernandez’s forthcoming course sequence on science fiction films.

Who's Speaking

Eva Fernandez

Eva Fernandez

Basic Program Instructor