A Renaissance of Biological Discovery: Update from Woods Hole

Join Dr. Nipam Patel, Director of the Marine Biological Laboratory, for the latest news from Woods Hole, MA.

Marine Biological Laboratory Gemma Ship
Mar 20

About the Event

Join us for a public lecture and conversation with Dr. Nipam Patel about the latest developments in the biological sciences happening at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.

Marine organisms have contributed to scientific discovery that have made significant contributions to environmental and human conditions. From the study of ecosystems to cell regeneration and the microbiome, aquatic research organisms provide a new frontier for the study of our most pressing biological questions. Together, we will explore how marine biology is providing a new frontier for the study of our most pressing questions.

Who's Speaking

Nipam Patel

Dr. Nipam Patel

Director, Marine Biological Laboratory