Publius, Tocqueville, and Burke on Federalism, Democracy and Revolution: Lessons for Our Time

Examine political thinkers of the revolutionary age—and their reflections on the nature of democracy.

A collage of portraits of James Madison, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Edmund Burke
Feb 03

About the Event

Presented by Basic Program instructors and open to all, these lectures also complement the texts and ideas from our curriculum and always include a Q&A session.

In recent years, the way the United States chooses its chief executive has come under new scrutiny, the country seems more divided than ever, and on both sides of that division the integrity of our institutions has been questioned. What light do classical texts cast on such issues? This lecture returns to the political thinkers of the revolutionary age in which our national institutions were formed to critically consider their reflections on the nature of democracy, the federal character of government, and the dynamics of revolutionary movements in every age.

Who's Speaking

Joseph Alulis

Joseph Alulis

Basic Program Instructor

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