From Mythos to Logos

Explore the transition from mythos (stories of gods, goddesses, and heroes) to logos (philosophy and related fields of study).

Nov 03

About the Event

Presented by Basic Program instructors and open to all, these lectures also complement the texts and ideas from our curriculum and always include a Q&A session.

This First Friday Lecture is supported by the Anastaplo Lecture Series Fund in memory of Basic Program Instructor George Anastaplo.

The history of thought and action in many cultures involves a transition from mythos (stories of gods, goddesses, and heroes) to logos (philosophy and related fields of study). This lecture will explore that transition, with special consideration given to ancient Greece. We will also consider how ideas about myth have changed over the millennia, and whether and to what extent myth remains part of our thought and action today.

Who's Speaking

David Shiner

David Shiner

Basic Program Instructor

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