The Decline of Truth and What We Can Do About It

A Conversation with Michael Rich, President Emeritus, RAND

Michael Rich
Jan 09

About the Event

In recent decades, numerous studies have illuminated a concerning trend: a decline in the role of facts and analysis in public life. The RAND Corporation has been closely examining this trend through an ongoing research series called Truth Decay.

Join us for a conversation with Michael Rich, President Emeritus of RAND and coauthor of Truth Decay, to explore why and how truth has declined and to learn what policymakers, journalists, and individuals can do about it.

The event is part of a series that previews a forthcoming (Summer 2024) course at the Graham School on Media, Trust, and the 2024 Elections that will be taught by Eric Schurenberg, Distinguished Instructor of Journalism at the University of Chicago Graham School and Founder of the Alliance for Trust in Media.

Who's Speaking

Michael Rich

Michael D. Rich

President Emeritus, RAND Corporation

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