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Basic Program Graduates Celebrate Their Unbreakable Bond

The Basic Program community gathered in person to cheer achievement and connection.

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On a beautiful day in early June, graduates of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults gathered with their family, friends, classmates, and instructors to celebrate the completion of their four-year learning journey. Many in attendance remarked how truly wonderful it was to gather together in person, at last.

Zoë Eisenman, Director of Academics at the Graham School, was among those who were energized by the experience. “We had the largest graduating class in the last 20 years—58 people—and it was very rewarding to see everyone in 3-D form and to hear how the Basic Program has impacted people’s lives,” Eisenman said. “The students are so passionate about the program and so caring for each other. It’s wonderful to celebrate their achievements and those connections.”

Hamid Hussein, a 2022 Basic Program graduate and one of the student speakers, remarked that, “joining such a diverse community of enthusiastic adult learners and world-class instructors guiding us through all these years of amazing learning and discovery, is the best educational gift I have given myself.”

Hussein went on to share that, “Being back together was emotional for all and seeing each other during the graduation ceremony was a big symbolic triumph of friendship and the pursuit of knowledge, despite all adversity.”

In addition to the 2022 graduates, 2020 and 2021 alumni were also invited to attend the in-person ceremony. One of the 2020 graduates, Marty Friedman, was struck by the strong extended community of Basic Program students at the celebration. He said, “The graduation ceremony reminded me of our accomplishment in completing the program and our shared experience in reading and discussing great texts.”

One of the many distinctive strengths of the Basic Program is the shared learning journey and intellectual bond that students enjoy--one that lasts far beyond the Program’s finish and that continues to be applicable to current-day issues.

“As I think about our world today, I'm glad to be able to put events in the context of how great minds from ancient Greece and Rome through the twentieth century would approach our issues of today,” said Friedman, who continues to take courses in the Basic Program Alumni offerings.

Sara Connell

Sara Connell

Director of Outreach and Communications

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