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The core of our program is our foundational How to View Art series led by acclaimed instructor, Dr. Ariela Lazar. This three-quarter sequence aims to teach participants the skills of viewing art with the goal that they become skilled, independent art viewers. Meaningful interaction with art is based on consideration of the totality of the culture at the relevant time and place. For this reason, we consider political conditions, cultural features, socioeconomic facts, and others in our study of any piece of art. In addition, we consider formal elements such as color, texture, composition, and more.

In addition to this series, we also offer individual courses on popular topic areas in art history. Structured around a time period or theme, these individual courses can be taken after or before completion of the series.

Before taking Dr. Lazar’s course, I might’ve looked at a painting for five or ten minutes before moving on. With Dr. Lazar, we’d look at a painting for forty-five minutes and feel like we were just getting started. It’s totally changed my perspective on art, and she’s really one of the best instructors I’ve ever come across.

Ginger Archer, Student

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