The Thinker by Rodin

Writing to Convince


This course was available in the past and may be presented again as part of the Open Enrollment curriculum.

Writers write because they have something to say, to convince others of their view of the human condition. There’s a message nagging at them, a message they feel compelled to get out into the world. In this workshop we’ll marshal all the tools in the writer’s toolbox to unleash compelling arguments about what it means to be human today. We’ll tackle the big-picture, personal preoccupations that keep us glued to our work, dissect the anatomies of our stories and interrogate every part of them to squeeze from them their maximum effect. And we’ll build in heart and soul, irony and humor to bind our audiences close, building a case, word by word, scene by scene, and plot point by plot point to convince others of our point of view. Participants should plan on workshopping their work and the work of others in class.

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Online registration deadline: Thursday, Sept 22 at 5 PM CT.