Brownstones on a London Street
MLAP 35105

Imagining the City

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06:30 pm—09:30 pm
Taught by
Lawrence Rothfield

The rise of the modern city makes possible new modes of experience, new kinds of people, and new kinds of stories. To appreciate these novelties, we will start by looking at sociologist Georg Simmel's "The Metropolis and Mental Life." Then we will explore how writers and filmmakers have tried to capture this experience of city life in different genres (the detective story, romantic comedy, modernist poetry, realism), and from different social perspectives. Texts and films may include Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; The Big Sleep; Do the Right Thing; Manhattan; "The Waste Land"; "Sonny Blues"; Blade Runner; and Lost in Translation.

  • Fulfills the Core - Humanities requirement
  • Fulfills the Elective - Literary Studies requirement
  • This course is a part of the Literary Studies concentration

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Lawrence Rothfield