Instructor Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall

Basic Program Instructor

Stephen Hall has been teaching in the Basic Program since 1992 and is currently ABD for the PhD in Hebrew Bible at the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. His dissertation is entitled "Writhing Like a Woman in Travail: Transformations of a Biblical Motif Judaism and the New Testament." Steve began his career in higher education by taking a BA in philosophy of religion. He has also earned a MA in Hebrew language studies at the American Institute in Jerusalem and a ThM in Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Hall has held two academic positions, first at North Park University, then at Trinity College. Since joining the Basic Program, he has worked at learning the four-year curriculum, but has also offered alumni courses related to Biblical Studies: the Hebrew Epic (Joshua through Kinds); the Megilloth; the Poetic books of the Bible; the story of the Exodus; and John Milton's Paradise Lost. He has lectured on Abraham Lincoln, the apocalyptic language in Lincoln's second inaugural address, Abraham, the biblical character, and Jane Austen. Besides reading philosophy and literature, Steve enjoys a round of golf and a match of tennis.