Women in Writing

Join UChicago's Graham School for a conversation with Writer’s Studio (WS) Instructor Susan Hubbard and WS students Deborah Keene and Monique Demery to explore gender and the profession of writing.

Devora's Spring book cover
Mar 30

About the Event

What is it like for women in the field of writing? This event will provide a window into the experiences of three women writers with everything from the writing process to teaching and publication.

Susan Hubbard is a 10-year veteran instructor within the Writer’s Studio with writing credits that include award-winning screenplays Fat Chance and Torched and a Split Pillow feature production, Realization. Deborah Keene is a former Criminal Defense Attorney and author of the self-published work, Devora’s Spring. Monique Demery is the author of the biography of Madame Nhu, Finding the Dragon Lady, published by PublicAffairs and is currently working on her 2nd historical biography.

March is Women's History Month.

Who's Speaking

Susan Hubbard

Susan Hubbard

Writer's Studio Instructor

Susan is an award-winning screenwriter whose work has screened internationally. She co-wrote feature film Realization, and has pitched to Hollywood executives. She holds an MFA in cinema art & science. Her play, Thundersnow, was produced in Chicago in 2015.