Exploring Medieval Manuscripts

A conversation with Joe Stadolnik, IFK Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-2021).

Page from a fifteenth-century Book of Hours, written in France on vellum, showing Joseph and Mary taking Jesus to Egypt.
Feb 28

About the Event

Join us for a conversation with researcher and writer Joe Stadolnik to explore the revolutionary ways that medieval people harnessed the technology of the manuscript book to organize knowledge of their world.

Medieval manuscripts defy modern expectations: far from relics of a dark age of rigid thinking and inflexible dogma, these books instead are a window into a culture of ingenuity, care, and craftwork. We will examine the long history of the book in Europe until the arrival of the printing press, including innovation like the index, the footnote, and the library catalogue. The conversation will preview Stadolnik’s upcoming course at Graham this spring.

Who's Speaking

Headshot of Joe Stadolnik.

Joe Stadolnik

Independent Researcher and Writer

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