Exploring Great Power Politics through The English Patient

Join us for a conversation with Graham School instructor Jennifer A. Lind.

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Dec 06

About the Event

Join us to explore how the Booker Prize-winning novel, The English Patient, offers a unique lens to examine the hallmarks of international relations: nationalism, realism and liberalism, and how they interact together.

In the novel, four protagonists share a remote, intimate wartime existence in an isolated Tuscan monastery. Multiple narrators contemplate time-honored themes of loyalty, nationality, imperialism and geography against the backdrop of the fall of the British Empire as the Second World War comes to an end. As the characters gradually map together the pieces of their post-war lives, the world’s great powers do the same.

In this conversation, we will glimpse into how the The English Patient helps us examine how changing national boundaries and ideologies in the post-war era created our modern world order. The conversation will preview Graham School Instructor Jennifer A. Lind's course this winter.

Who's Speaking

Jennifer A. Lind

Jennifer A. Lind

Instructor, University of Chicago Graham School

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