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 Wassily Kandinsky's abstract painting Painting with Troika features swirls of yellow, pink, red, and blue.
HUAS75013 Autumn | Spring

How to View Art III: 20th Century Art How to View Art III: 20th Century Art

This class utilizes the basic toolkit acquired in previous classes in order to focus on 20th century art. We will follow three main themes in parallel fashion; by the end of the class, we will be able...

Illustration of the evolution of man from earlier primates
MLAP 31210 Winter

Human Origins: From Early Primate Beginnings to Evolutionary Medicine Human Origins: From Early Primate Beginnings to Evolutionary Medicine

Human beings are members of the order Primates, a distinctive group of mammals that originated around 80 million years ago. Within the primate evolutionary tree, the branch leading to the human...

Brownstones on a London Street
MLAP 35105 Winter

Imagining the City Imagining the City

The rise of the modern city makes possible new modes of experience, new kinds of people, and new kinds of stories. To appreciate these novelties, we will start by looking at sociologist Georg Simmel's...

Film still from a black and white bollywood film
MLAP 45970 Autumn

India in Film: Imaginations of a Decolonial Nation India in Film: Imaginations of a Decolonial Nation

Among all film producing countries in the world, India successfully resisted Hollywood's hegemony. Some Hollywood blockbusters made their way to theaters in big Indian cities; some were adapted into...

Pictures of three of David Foster Wallace's books
BASC70163 Autumn

Infinite Jest: Bookends Infinite Jest: Bookends

This course is meant to prepare us for a delightfully challenging two-quarter adventure – diving into David Foster Wallace’s gigantic Infinite Jest (1996). We’ll discuss Wallace’s seminal works...

A reporter's notebook
WRIT41800 Autumn

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

While the words “creative” and “nonfiction” might seem an odd pairing, the combination is rooted in a long tradition of telling stories, making personal observations and employing a variety of...

WRIT21800 Autumn

Introduction to Playwriting Introduction to Playwriting

Designed for beginning playwrights as well as writers of other media, this class emphasizes what makes a scene work, how to develop character through dialogue and action, and how to think in...

Close-up of the movie poster for Ladri di biciclette, an Italian neorealist drama film directed by Vittorio De Sica.
HUAS77503 Autumn

Italian Neorealism Italian Neorealism

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the work of filmmakers associated with Italian Neorealism and its immediate legacy. We begin with the earliest films that defined the movement. These...

A picture of the Odyssey vs Ulysses
BASC70122 Autumn

James Joyce’s Ulysses James Joyce’s Ulysses

In this intensive three-quarter study, we will probe Ulysses’s wanderings and interactions of Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus about Dublin on Bloomsday, June 16, 1904 with particular attention to...

People writing and talking around a table
WRIT52118 Summer | Winter | Autumn

Jumpstart: Dynamic Dialogue Jumpstart: Dynamic Dialogue

Make your dialogue work for you. Through a combination of discussion, in class writing, lecture, short readings and exercises, this session will give you the basic tools you need to use dialogue, as...